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I like to learn more about your system

(Danny Hermanus, 2012 02 11)


what happened when you tried to seek? If it didn't work then those two modules weren't used. I'd like to use this across multiple networks as Wowza Media Server (for me at least) is a complex set up when it comes to scaling.

(Martin Corona, 2012 02 22)

Very well explained. Thanks for the post.

(icecube_media, 2012 04 23)

can we write/read in to hdfs directly in to hdfs even if we are using a local user directory path will it be reflected in hdfs for example i have a local directory named temp inside that i have multiple folders by mounting temp in to hdfs will all my folders be available in hdfs folders ???

(visioner.sadak, 2012 09 11)

I think, MAPR is ready to use for video streaming.
They have native NFS for HDFS link, write and read,.
We can use mapr M3, the free on.
for more information go to ( I am not working at that company, but I installed the system already), but never have a chance to test the video streaming.

(Danny, 2013 03 19)


Can you explain in your own words what you mean with: "They have native NFS for HDFS link, write and read"? Do you have an idea about I/O rates?

(Robert, 2013 04 24)


Thank you for the information.

Could you please explain the installation and configuration steps of these in a Linux machine, RedHat or Ubuntu??

(Vagabond, 2013 05 07)

Regarding installation on Linux systems, please have a look at specialized sites, the issue is orthogonal to what is described here, and the solution should work anyway. For the record, we use Debian.

(Philippe Rigaux, 2013 06 20)

Thank you for publishing your experience with HTTP-HDFS-Connector and Hoop. I am working on an idea the same as what you made, not for streaming purposes.
Good luck.

(amir, 2013 10 10)

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