Open source version of the LivingKnowledge testbed publicly released on SourceForge


Since its public release on SourceForge in August 2011 under the name of Diversity Engine, many downloads were made and some of the testbed components will be reused in other FP7 research projects such as TrendMiner.

LivingKnowledge Project

The LivingKnowledge project (LK) enhances the state of the art of retrieving information from the Web by formalizing the notions of bias and diversity, creating tools that analyze, summarize and visualize bias in textual and image documents and finally, by creating applications that exploit this technology.

LivingKnowledge Testbed

The testbed integrates the following components, all of which contribute to diversity and bias aware search:
- document collections chosen to reflect a diversity of document types and content,
- image and text analysis tools supporting the analysis of diversity in text and image documents,
- indexing and search tools supporting the bias and diversity aware search including novel visualization methods,

The testbed processing starts with document collections that are available upon request from the Internet Memory Foundation, including 280 News sites and 750 blogs.
Furthermore, the testbed supports a number of collection formats allowing users to incorporate their own collections.

Hands-On session with over 30 participants (Symposium on Bias and Diversity) was held during the 8th International Summer School on Information Retrieval (ESSIR), which tooks place in Koblenz (Germany) in August/September 2011.

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