Archivethe.Net (AtN), a shared Web archiving platform operated by Internet Memory.

Archivethe.Net is a Web archiving service and brings the best technology, scalability and economy of scale to any cultural institution willing to get engaged in Web Archiving to preserve heritage and culture.

Archivethe.Net uses new technologies of Web archiving. Beside the State Of the Art of Web preservation, this platform collects websites and preserves what makes their value (dynamism, variety of content ...). Archivethe.Net services benefit from technological advances in terms of improving collection’s quality and solving access and preservation problems.

Therefore, it is possible to browse an archived site, as if it were still living on the Web.

Archivethe.Net is an ergonomic platform based on a collection focus. Therefore, it offers opportunities to organize Web archiving campaigns of sites that will be archived according to defined frequencies and scopes. With such a tool, institutions of all sizes can implement quickly and efficiently a Web archive in line with their preservation policy.

So customers can easily and quickly start collecting websites including dynamic content and rich media, enabling navigation in past versions of a website.

By using a shared platform, institutions retain full control on their collection policy (sites selection, depth, gathering frequency, etc.), while benefiting from a dedicated and optimized crawling infrastructure. They also retain custody of collected material with a regular delivery of complete copies of collected material in the ISO 28500:2009 WARC format.

Since 2011, services of Archivethe.Net platform are provided by the Internet Memory Research Company that works closely with the Foundation.
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