TV Show: « La mémoire de toile » (net memory) and Web archiving challenges


Reportage on Web archiving by France24


The Internet has become one of the most productive media for information and news. Thus, there’s an absolute need to preserve web content and promote Web archiving at large scale. This idea begins to be one of the great challenges of the Web.
Media are already interested in the subject, and France24, the French international news channel, is broadcasting a video reportage on web harvesting in France (due to the French legal deposit), on Web archiving in general and on giving access to these Web archive collections.

This video shows a rapid overview of French initiatives and Web archiving technologies thanks to the participation of the National Library of France, the National Audiovisual Institute of France and the Internet Memory Foundation (interview of Julien Masanès by Natalia Gallois in our offices in Paris).

To view the video and discover the challenges of Web archiving click here (in French).
TV Show: “Web News”, News seen on the Web and about the web.



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