Successful end of LAWA project


The LAWA project ended successfully in October 2013.
LAWA (Longitudinal Analytics of Web Archive) conducted an ambitious, focused research and development on Big Data analytics for very large Web collections.

In LAWA project, a particular emphasis has been put on temporal aspects, including change analysis, trend detection, and data aggregation over time periods.
Internet Memory participated to the project as the main data provider and software integrator.

The projects outcome consist of many top-level research contributions, published in major conferences of the field (SIGMOD, VLDB, ICDE to name a few), as well as industrial achievements now incorporated in Internet Memory software. MemoryBot, the Internet Memory crawler, has been designed and implemented as part of the LAWA effort. The LAWA architecture, based on the Hadoop/HBase suite, and featuring a high-level analytic framework, is largely inspired from IM R&D activity, and has been adopted for the Mignify platform, provided by Internet Memory Research.
Overall, LAWA, whose results have been deemed “excellent” by the European Commission, is an representative example of a fruitful cooperation between high-level research group and innovative SMEs.

We thank the European Commission for its support, and hope that the LAWA components integrated in our products will demonstrate their effectiveness.



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