LAWA Presentation at the FIRE Research Workshop


The LAWA project will be presented at the FIRE Research Workshop in Budapest (Hungary) on May 16th 2011.

The FIRE Research Workshop will be held on May 16th 2011 in Budapest (Hungary). This event is part of the Future Internet Week 2011. LAWA is proud to give a presentation in the Future Internet, Living Labs and Web analytics session.

Presentation Abstract
Organizations like the Internet Archive have been capturing Web contents over decades. This time-versioned content is a gold mine for analysts, focusing on longitudinal studies. An application example is tracking and analyzing a politician’s public appearances over a decade. The LAWA project develops methods and tools for time-travel indexing and querying, entity detection and tracking along the time axis, and advanced analyses and knowledge discovery. For scalability, we pursue Hadoop-based distributed computations. We also prepare reference data and will provide analytics services. We will offer a user workshop in late 2011 to disseminate these opportunities and explore interesting use cases.



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