Interview with France Lasfargues after IFTA 2011


France Lasfargues, project manager for the foundation, conducts two research projects on web archiving and a portfolio of Internet Memory partners. She talks about the results of her participation in the conference of the International Federation of Television Archives (IFTA) in Turin in September 2011, where she led a workshop on web archiving and audiovisual archives with two partners: SWR (German Television) and in Beeld en Geluid (Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision).


Was this your first participation in the FIAT?

France Lasfargues: Personally, yes. But, it is not the first participation of Internet Memory Foundation, which is an associate member of IFTA. Last year, Chloe Martin, Business Developer at the Foundation, presented a poster based on our web archiving platform, (ATN) and issues related to the collection and access videos that are broadcasted on the Web.

Is it easy for Internet Memory to participate in this international conference?

FL : To make this conference, we must first answer the call for participation that occurs at least three months before. It is then decided how we can present our activities, the participants we would like to integrate and form of presentation (poster, workshop, plenary session, ...). We submit our proposal and expect a return from IFTA. So, we decided to focus on issues that involve the expectations and needs of audiovisual archives and our skills and areas of development. The shape of the workshop seemed most appropriate, also to open a space for dialogue and exchange with the audience.

This brings us precisely to talk in more detail the reason for the presence of the Internet Memory at the IFTA.

FL : Our goal is simple : to communicate about the need of web archiving for audiovisual archives and, thereby, to share our expertise in this area. Internet Memory wants to drive projects, motivate institutions to get engaged in web archiving projects, now, in order to stop the loss of relevant content and high added value.

What is the angle chosen by Internet Memory for this workshop?

FL : The workshop was mainly an opportunity to invite audiovisual archives to share their current experience and problems in terms of web archiving and make up to date with capture and access solutions that we have developed. We must say that we have strong arguments on the matter. This gave us the opportunity to communicate on all of our projects LIWA, LK, LAWA, SCAPE, especially, ARCOMEM, which are a European large-scale projects and an excellent reference to show the extent of our technologies and skills. In detail, and because attendees were audiovisual archives, we have focused on the technical challenges of capturing video in web sites (LIWA). Equally important, the social web and the challenges it poses for archivists (ARCOMEM). We have also talked about various tools that we develop (including Application Aware Crawling, API Crawls, etc ...) to solve archiving problems and improve the archival collection.

How many participants were present to this international conference? Was your workshop appreciated?

The conference brought over 300 audiovisual archivists.
As for the workshop that we held, the workshop room was full with over than 120 participants. I admit that we did not expect such a success. Last year, the workshop on web archiving had mobilized at most 40 people! Moreover, the organizers of the conference highlighted our “score of attendance”. This proves that much more archivists are interested in web archiving and audiovisual archives. Internet Memory services could be developed in the near future and we are always ready to repeat the experience at the IFTA.



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