Focus on the first SCAPE project year


The progress of Project Scape in one year with IMF.

The Internet Memory Foundation is an active partner of the SCAPE project. In this major project, our team contributes to implement solutions and innovations needed to address SCAPE challenges.

The cornerstone of the SCAPE project is now viable. Engineers and researchers in the Internet Memory Foundation have participated to design the architecture of the scalable preservation platform. The IMF has also provided expertise in the design of the platform’s testbeds, of preservation scenarios and data provision. Within IMF, a first iteration of the platftom is deployed as a central instance available for all other project partners..

In just one year, the SCAPE project already has six deliverables - including five public – delivered within the European Commission deadlines. They have all been accepted by the EC in succession to the first year review. The website dedicated to SCAPE project gains three new reports and 15 scientific publications, focusing on recent results developed in the project SCAPE, published in revues and at conferences.

This first year has been prolific in highlights, including:
- An experimental cluster for development work on the preservation platform has been deployed.
- Several applications and components have been released (e.g. a Prototype for command-line execution of Hadoop applications, the SCAPE Action Catalogue, the Akubra HDFS adaptor).
- 22 SCAPE Scenarios have been developed. Here Datasets, Issues, and Solutions from SCAPE content providers are documented.
- Numerous experimental Taverna Workflows have been developed and tested.
- 52 action services are online and available for these Taverna test workflows.

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