Web Archiving

What is Web archiving?

By nature, Web content is ephemeral: sites disappear continually and are frequently updated, involving the disappearance of what often is very valuable online information and Web content.

This media is pervasive in our society and certainly today one of it most important representation. From presidential elections to music festivals, every event is an opportunity to create, update or close a website. However, like any other media (publications, audiovisual, music), it is essential to preserve Web content, which has a cultural value. According to this view, Web archiving question should be viewed in the perspective of heritage preservation.

Challenges come from the feature and richness of the Web: dynamics, volatility, variety of formats and Internet users contributions, all attributes increasingly used.
Archiving the Web requires a special attention in order to retain its value and ensure its greater fidelity.

Web archiving in Europe in 2010

In the framework of the European Research Project Living Web Archives, Internet Memory carried out a survey on Web archiving among European and International institutions. The aim of this survey was to draw up an inventory of Web archiving institutions and to have a clearer understanding of problems encountered in the field of Internet archiving.

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