The Foundation

Our vision
The Internet is the media of our time. Participation has never been so widespread in the elaboration of any media before. Size and variety of content exposed has never been so large. For this reason, the Internet is becoming the most important source of information on our society and will be a key resource with which to think about it, now and in the future.

We believe that this media deserves a memory. In order to preserve significant and valuable fragments of this information deluge, we think it is necessary to build a large scale, open memory of the Internet.

This memory has to be different from a traditional archive, or library, as much as the internet is different from traditional media. It has to be large enough to be useful, neutral in it’s extension and respectful of person’s rights. We see this memory as embedded in the Internet, augmenting ways information is already used on this media (navigation, search, mining) rather than being separated. By bringing hindsight, it will become a valuable feature of the Internet itself.

A foundation for an Internet Memory

Based in Amsterdam and Paris, the Internet Memory Foundation (formerly European Archive) is a non-profit institution. Since 2004, it actively supports the preservation of Internet as a new media.

The foundation is currently archiving dozens of Terabytes of data per months and is developing several Web archiving technologies to support the growth and use of the Internet Memory.

The foundation has developed a wide range of collaborations, both with cultural institutions and research team to fulfill its mission.

Access and navigation to the entire memory will be available in 2012, we are working hard on it!

How can I help?

You can support the foundation by donating to our foundation, or by using our platform to help us leverage Web archiving technology and capacity developed so far.