Participation to WebArchivists Camp in Paris, on November 22th


Internet Memory is existed to be part of this First BarCamp on Web archiving organized in Paris by WebArchivists association.
Be welcome to join!


What is WebArchists, and the WebArchivists Camp?

WebArchists is a non-profit organization founded in 2009, based mostly in Paris. Its goals are:
- To increase mainstream medias and public interest for webarchives,
- To gather the news and projects graviting around this subject,
- To invite people from different horizons to meet, think and imagine what the future of web archiving will looks like and so on.

For this WebArchivists Camp, you will have the opportunity to meet Julien Masanès, director of Internet Memory, the team working on the French Legal Deposit from the National Library of France, but also hackers, developers, traditional archivists, graphic designers, net-artists and everyone who want to jump in!
Based on the Barcamp system, the evening will be organized around different workshops, thinking about problems to solve, ideas, projects… At the end, results of the different workshops will be discussed.

A live-streaming of the event, as well as a translation of the main ideas and speeches should be put in place by WebArchists team. And you can follow them on Twitter @webarchivists (hashtag #WACamp).

More info

WebArchivists Website
Event page
La Cantine, 12 Galerie Montmartre
75002 Paris
Thursday 22th Novembre 2012
From 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm



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