LIBER 41st annual conference in Estonia


Internet Memory strives to be present at international conferences to promote Web archiving. Thus our institution is glad to attend the LIBER 41st annual conference, which takes place this year in Tartu (Estonia).

Web archiving, or preserving a precious heritage

LIBER conference is a key event for research libraries to share and collaborate on their own issues, including collection and preservation. On the other side, Internet Memory main target is to share and inform about its new technical know-how in the world of digital collection and Web archiving.

On Wednesday, June 27th, Internet Memory in partnership with the National Library of Ireland, presents a paper, which clarifies a use case for the establishment of Web archiving campaigns.

How to Face the Challenges of Web Archiving? The Experiences of a Small Library on the Edge

Both speakers will discuss the different steps of putting in place a web archiving project, project Definition, Selection, Permission, Crawl, Quality Assurance and Access to web archive collections.

This case illustrates the mission of Internet Memory: to develop new collaborations and partnerships to expand Web preservation initiatives.

For the National Library of Ireland, our mission was to collect, preserve and provide access to high value Web content (political data around several elections in Ireland).



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