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Women equality at work, how are we doing at internet memory?

It’s women international day today and we hear lot of discourse full of good intention, but we all know women’s equality is not there and progress are overall very slow. So we thought we it could be useful and healthy to check how we are doing at Internet Memory.

We have been compiling to this effect figures and ratios on important issues like wages equality and management position for women. We also did a benchmark against IT sector in France for which we have comparative figures.

Overall in IT, situation is not very good for women as the benchmark shows. This is maybe one of the reason women, although very successful in higher education seem, overall, to find IT not so attractive. At IM, we believe there is no fatality to that as, we hope, the results of our little study show. We will let you judge!

8 March  Facts

by: Julien,


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